25 settembre 2012

KING OF THE BEATS Switzerland 2012 - The Concrete Jungle Ed.


Saturday 22/23 September 2012
INTERLOPE, Rue de L'evole 39A, 2000 Neuchâtel

Dear friends, it was an amazing week-end for the very first time we had the 1st edition of THE CONCRETE JUNGLE JAM, including the ufficial start of the KING OF THE BEATS SWITZERLAND!!!
What atmosphera, two days of pure fun and good vibes, it was amazing to see everybody again... definitely it's getting bigger and bigger, was like a family reunion.... Prestiges special guest, talented contestant and very cool crowd.. 
What more can I say?

Thank You 2:
Nadia Laroc (for believe in this project ..great job), Candice (for the voice and the hosting), Derrick Dee, Cat TwentyTwo, Eli & Obie, Marvin Street, Etta (my babe), Kid Head (for the support), my brotha and KOTB partner Pritt Kalsi aka Key Figures, Charly Low (for the cool set), Sandra, Klaudia and the entire stuff (for the hard work), Sauce Less, Phat D, Shugi, Be Low (Kotb fam), Poly Rock & Pickup, EZ Mike (was good sharing with u guys), Jazzy Jes and Peggy (for the workshop at your dope Dance studio), La B. Fujiko & Eva Schou (Girls it was really fun for me play 4U some of that Good old Music!!).
All the KOTB contestant (PS: Rasko what a dope video!! =), all The Bboys/BGirls, Vougue/Wacking Dancers!

Congratulation 2:  
Deep Trip crew winners of the Breakin' Battle also the nu young talent Sofia winner of the Vogue/Wacking Battle and of course all the other Dancers...was good!!

Respect 2:
All friends, and fans that came from all over the country to support and having fun with us.. last I can't forget the entire Neuchtael INTERLOPE beatiful people for the hospitality..... let's build again...
c ya soon to the next one!
stay tuned!

The NextOne
"Discepolo ispirato, istruito, addestrato nel tempo, riporta il buon gusto.. trasferendolo al momento!!" 

The Winner of the 1st Ed. KOTB Swiss 2012 is................................
coming straight from Winterthur city....... IGI B!!!
Also congratulations to all the others good contestant...THANK U for your partecipation!

The Judge:
The NextOne (KOTB IT / 7Gemz / Zulu King IT)
Pritt Kalsi (KOTB UK) 
Dj Derrick Dee 

Candice (Leicester) 

The KOTB Swizerlannd Beatmakers:
  • Monkee 2DR Squad (Neuchâtel) 
  • Rasko (La Chaux-des-Fonds)
  • Essence (Bern)
  • FelxFab (Neuchâtel)
  • Percy (Bern)
  • Igi (Winterthur)
  • Phat D (Neuchâtel)
  • Sauce Jacqson (Neuchâel)

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