23 agosto 2011


Ecco a voi il primo DocuFilm interamente diretto e prodotto da Pritt Kalsi (KOTB UK).
Filmed and Edited all in 5 weeks on a Zero Budget. 
Here is The first full HD Film from Director Pritt Kalsi. 

Part 1 of the film.

Featuring the event ‘WHO’S GONNA TAKE THE CRATE?’ July 16th 2011. Agor, First Hand & Hi-Soul take on the challenge to see who is the KING OF THE BEATS. 
The film chronicles the beginnings of KOTB, how, why it was created, how it developed and where it is going. This is a true Hip Hop story. A story of little people with big ideas, a passion for the culture a love of records. Big thankyou to all that took part infront and behind the scenes of this project. Andy Higgs. Jazzy Jay for taking the time out on his trip to join the team at KOTB... Enjoy!!!

Part 2 of the film. 

This is a story of a movement growing. How Kotb moved into Italy, 
featuring Maurizio The NextOne, Cutmaster Swift, Marley Marl, Sparkii Ski, Damian Wilkes, Myke Forte, The Artful Dodger and Jazzy Jay Featuring special footage from that weekend. 
Not only was our Jam on but London was full of great Hip Hop events. Remember ’2-3-Break’ the Original ‘B-Boys’ Chuck Chillout, Donald D and Brother B Reformed to do a show. The day we went down to ‘Southbank’ to checkout the festival going on.

This film is dedicated to all those that love the music, support real hip hop culture and support the KOTB team.

Pritt Kalsi

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